China Communications Group Shanghai Headquarters Office Base

by Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

CCCC Shanghai Headquarters Base is a typical Shanghai style building with a four-story single-floor space with a total area of about 500 square meters. On the basis of restoring the appearance of historical buildings, the design team used contemporary design language to reinterpret the order of space. Building No. 1 takes "Awakening the Classics" as the design theme, intending to reproduce the aesthetic conception of Shanghai style culture, covering office, display, and leisure functions. In order to solve the contradiction between the original location of Building No. 1 and the newly built basement, partial top-down construction was adopted. Priority was given to the construction of the basement roof under the base of Building No. 1, and then Building No. 1 was translated, and then top-down excavation was used to construct the structure below the basement roof. The frame remains unchanged, and the historical features of the original terrazzo and Taishan brick façade are reproduced to the world. The plain facade color tells unknown stories.

Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.