Ordered and Sustainable

by Zhang Xi

Projet Description

Jinling City after the beginning of autumn, although not far away from the heat of midsummer, the breeze and coolness have a sense of autumn. Most of the days at this time are light and windy, orderly and demure. Inadvertently, the sweet fragrance of osmanthus lingers in the nose, body and heart, and the thoughts turn yellow... Remember that when you took the house, the hastily meeting and explanation with the owner was a great trust and responsibility, and we started our fine decoration and renovation design and full case hosting service. During the period, the host seldom showed up, and never made any personal opinions about the decoration of the home. It would be nice to leave everything to the wife. Such a way of getting along is also a kind of wisdom; and the hostess’s romantic princess complex is just one thought. Sustainability, throughout the beginning and the end... In this case, I want to make a design with time, freely changing between deliberate and unintentional, without the restriction of style, blending the East and the West, using modern to mix and match the modern, to create more Bright and modern, leisurely and exquisite life. From design to landing, I have never left the rigorous consideration of the owners and designers, and the insistence on not ignoring any minor details. In such a space, when everything in it is properly and orderly and flows naturally, you will feel at ease, tranquility, relaxation, and stretching... Home, here, is really a quiet little world for years. As time goes by, this home will become more and more flavorful...

Zhang Xi