Oriental Japanese Pure Life

by Hainan Tingmei Yiju Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

It is in line with the aesthetic concept of a radius and a degree, and brings different spatial interest. The left side of the entrance is a coherent space between the dining room and the living room. The same material and color are chosen for the continuity of the space. In terms of function, the living room chooses a linear and square symmetrical shape, and the dining room chooses a rounded arc shape. The chair is a round slate table. On the right is a white wall with more room for use. We chose the symbol "Gen" in the Five Elements Eight Diagrams as the layer structure to display the Japanese cultural ornaments that the owner likes. For these bedrooms, the choice of colors must be relatively restrained. Most of the basic tones are white and wood colors, with beige, coffee and other colors, which make people feel calm and return to nature. feel. The warm yellow light source in the entire living space can immediately make the atmosphere quiet and simple. Plain furniture and square space lines form an artistic style. The soft bedding colors are coordinated with natural materials and natural textures, combined with the full transparency of the floor-to-ceiling windows, the whole room appears spacious and bright, with plenty of light, and neutral bright colors create a warm atmosphere.

Hainan Tingmei Yiju Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd.