Changchun guotai Center

by Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

As an office format different from ordinary flat-floor commercial offices, corporate single-family office buildings have the characteristics of more independent space, more flexibility, and more interaction with landscape, light and architecture. At the beginning of the design, the most thought about was how to combine the existing conditions to create an "art gallery". As the soul of the entire space, the designer extracts the green of the pine flower stone combined with modern techniques as the main tone, which echoes the display of the pine flower stone, and is harmonious and natural. Moisturizing stone turns into jade, through the use of different materials, texture treatment subtly introduces water waves into it. With a unique and open perspective, the first floor is designed with an exhibition space around the pine flower stone. The entrance hall adopts a hollow block wall in the middle of crystal bricks. The light and shadow are combined, and the feeling of water ripples is greeted. The three-dimensional calligraphy art installation "Cathay Pacific Center" interspersed among them, becoming the finishing touch. The round booth in the center of the exhibition hall is made of resin and echoes the modern technological stainless steel material on the top surface. While displaying the treasures of the Songhua Stone Town store, it creates a floating feeling if there is no such thing. The micro-probe of transparent crystal branches on the wall blends natural vitality into it. Traveling around for a week, pine flower stone art ornaments are placed in small metal grids interspersed with each other. At the same time, the exhibition hall and the aisle are separated to create a rich spatial hierarchy.

Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.