Box conjecture – Banmei furniture exhibition hall

by Shi Lin

Projet Description

As the first home furnishing display store in Ningbo, BANMEI is located in the Youbang Home Furnishing Mall on Metro Road, Ningbo. In order to homogenize the aesthetics of popular culture and harvest many young customers, this project hopes to give business enlightenment: use spatial color and texture to awaken silent young people, dare to chase dreams, and value their inner world. With the completion of the store space, the entry point of our design has changed from shaping the urban petty bourgeoisie trend culture space to how to perfectly fit the brand characteristics and space aesthetics, and how to construct a composite space for shopping and social display. Taking into account the aesthetic orientation and lifestyle of the consumers in the project location, the space is set up with "boxes" to echo the contradictions and the ever-changing modern aesthetics. Using [Box] as the design language, simply return the spatial technique to form the senses.

Shi Lin