Beijing lujin yuheyuan Sales Office Project

by Shanghai Fuman Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd. and Yuanhe Daqian

Projet Description

Beijing lujin Yuheyuan Marketing Center At the beginning of the design, we adjusted measures to local conditions, explored the context of Orientalism, and launched a gorgeous feast of oriental etiquette and modern design with a streamlined contemporary design language. We explore the contemporary expression of Chinese heritage from a modern aesthetic perspective. The reception hall adopts an open space and pays tribute to Chinese etiquette thoughts with symmetrical beauty; the sand table area is used as a functional exhibition space, and the entire space continues China in design techniques. The essence of ancient palace architecture is simplified by combining the color language of Dongfanghong ingeniously. The artistic installation above the sand table resembles phoenix wings, like a shining sun, leaning forward and flying upwards. The wall art installation evolved from Marcello Morandini’s art work. From light to dark, the light and shadow are cut between the grids, and the light and dark relationship of natural light is used layer by layer. "Look at the flower is a flower" sense of rhythm. Between the vertical and horizontal grids of the wall, the light flows like water waves, showing a soft and hazy beauty. In the card seat area of the negotiation area, the traditional tenon and tenon joint technology is re-interpreted with modern architectural modeling, and the area is re-divided.

Shanghai Fuman Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd. and Yuanhe Daqian