Baolong baihufan sales center

by Lanshe Interior Design

Projet Description

The origin of everything comes from nature, and architecture is also its son. When the ancient city of Hangzhou faces a modern context, it takes retreat as advancement, ingeniously integrates with nature, and complements each other, interpreting the leisurely Zen that comes from nature. Located in the sales office of Baolong Plaza in Lin'an, Hangzhou, designer Ma Yonggang is rooted in "nature" itself, and integrates modern art with nature through Lin'an's cultural perspective, creating an infinite tolerance that integrates nature, humanities and art. space. In the lobby of the sales office, the simulacrum of black and gray marble floors draws visitors into the mountains and rivers like a turbulent current. One echo and one response create a separation between modernity and nature. The ceiling uses longitudinal lines to shape the overall extension of the space. The warm yellow light dances like insects, presenting an immature and agile artistic conception, performing a joyful and comfortable movement together with the ancient landscape.

Lanshe Interior Design