Zhengrong Fuzhou Hubin mansion Sales Office

by Shanghai Feishi decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The plot is located in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, on the shore of the Min River. It is 10KM away from Fuzhou city center and 30KM away from Fuzhou Changle Airport. The extension line of Line 1 leads directly to the project, and Fuzhou South Railway Station is within easy reach. The project has obvious location advantages and convenient transportation. Relying on its own excellent tourism resources, it provides unlimited possibilities for the popularity of future projects. Lao Tzu said: "The good is like water, and water is good for all things without fighting." Water, as one of the most observable natural substances in the world, can penetrate the ground, vacate, and rush to the mountains. Profound culture. This case combines the water elements of Fuzhou, the water droplets on the lake surface, forming tiny undercurrents, and radiating layers of crystal lines, which are used in the spatial arrangement as a spatial rhythm. Converged by water droplets. It shows the tendency of moving in static and thinking of static in moving. When I was indoors, I inadvertently raised my eyes, and I saw the water waves swaying, turning into tiny lines, extending infinitely in the space. In the transparent space, you can see the outdoor lake view at a glance. Using the garden technique, the virtual and the real intersect, creating the meaning of clarity. From natural scenery to the development of an international metropolis, it is the evolution of the times and the change of time. In the process of urbanization, the concept of reflection between man and nature, humanity, diversity, and temperature has always been maintained. The future human settlements advocating nature, art, temperature and diversity, integrate the most pleasant living environment, the most suitable life style, and the most humanistic artistic connotations in the course of time to achieve the ideal goal of future human settlements.

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