Jinbei Guizu Hotel

by Shaoyun Li

Projet Description

The Jinbei Noble Hotel is inspired by Monreale. The designer embodies the concept of the island in the hotel complex, rebuilding and accommodating the contemporary palace style, Norman badge, and colonial Nanyang style hotel from the magnificent perspective of the great nautical era. This is an era of entertainment, this is an era of luxury, this is a great era.

Main part
Jinbei Noble Hotel creatively introduces the complete island mode into the design of the hotel, completing a visual feast that transcends national boundaries and times, with diverse styles, independence and integrity, and accommodation.
The hotel lobby is decorated with distinctive marine culture under the Norman style freehand brushwork. It reveals the design purpose and expresses it with more avant-garde and fashionable design language with classical and rich royal style. Rational marble and texture sense of wood decoration, tough tall building and flowing texture water wave, light refraction of metal and crystal, together build the style of the hotel lobby. Starfish and shells incarnate various installation arts, soften part of the emotional projection in the hard and cold space, express the hotel in the professional system, and still have the imagination of ocean and romance. Through this sense of rhythm based on mutual confrontation and mutual integration, it creates a visual feeling of great shock and humanity tenderness for the hall.

All day Restaurant
Careful observation shows that within the space of the all day dining room, the sense of ceremony of Monreale church is still continued, but the more relaxed and pleasant elements of Nanyang island style are inadvertently introduced. There is no intersection between the two in cultural space and time, but in the space of Jinbei Noble Hotel, the harmonious coexistence relationship is completed, so as to express the design of the restaurant, and hope that the entrants will be more relaxed and appropriate.
Chinese restaurant
In a flash, in Chinese restaurants, entrants will experience completely different humanistic ideas. This is a place where the mountains and rivers are far-reaching, where the family tradition is, and where the poetry and painting are far-reaching. This is another far-reaching human language that Chinese culture is telling through 2000 years of time and space. Different from another kind of beauty in the western aesthetic system, Eastern Confucianism and Taoism, including and storing, collecting and releasing, have been more influenced by ancient philosophy in this space. Asian aristocratic families and Confucianists transcend the material desires and thoughts of the present world. In this world, the entrants need to taste and sublimate with the vision of more emperors.

Shaoyun Li