Zhejiang Zhiwei Home Furnishing R&D Building 1st Floor Exhibition Hall

by Chen Junwei/Wang Ke

Projet Description

Style is the best interpretation of art and the strongest perception of aesthetics. The simple and majestic exterior design combines architecture and geometry twice, and uses contemporary design context to construct the ultimate sense of quality and lines. A sculpture of water droplets at the entrance interprets the brand culture of Zhiwei's logo to the extreme. Light luxury in form, elegant in interior The scheme design is between luxury and simplicity, and more is to show a more stylish space atmosphere. The designer transformed the simplicity of luxury into the orderly beauty of space, the natural beauty of materials and the agile beauty of art. The three are combined into one, with a very charming melody that conveys the high-level sense of the lobby space.

Chen Junwei/Wang Ke