XIAOJIDONG Water Softener

by Shanghai ShuiTiaoDong Environmental Science and Technology Co. , Ltd.

Project Description

Hard water contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions, which can easily lead to limescale retention, clogged pipes and equipment, and harm to people's skin and hair. This water softener is precisely designed for these problems.
The water softener features Dow resin as the carrier, effectively removing calcium and magnesium ions and lowering the hardness through ion exchange technology. The employed counter-current regeneration & equal proportion regeneration technologies ensure the resin maintains outstanding softening performance throughout. Meanwhile, the large flow design meets the high water demand of two bathrooms simultaneously, so users are worry-free from water insufficiency.
In terms of operation, the water softener directs the focus to convenience and intelligence. Initially, the mobile control panel and sizeable salt-filling port facilitate users to adjust and refill without moving the softener. Meanwhile, the fully-automatic soft water regeneration system allows the softener to operate manual-free. In the upgraded holiday mode, the salt water is stored in the resin tank to prevent caking, bacteria breeding or expiring; thus, soft water is immediately available after returning home.
Moreover, the water softener's control valve employs a modular design with fewer components, which has excellent installability and wear and pressure resistance, ensuring precise control and a longer lifespan.

Shanghai ShuiTiaoDong Environmental Science and Technology Co. , Ltd.