Nantong Vanke Times Light Marketing Center

by Boxcool (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd

Project Description

To create a marketing center in a short time which inherits functions of traditional marketing centers and where users can experience the lifestyle of upcoming Vanke Times Light, the design team, with “futurism” as the core design idea, has designed the unconventional architecture & landscape and the special spatial layout featuring multiple function zones. In this way, this project overcomes such shortcomings of traditional marketing centers as a long construction period and the largely homogeneous functional layout, offering users a unique spatial experience.
The project mainly adopted modular prefabricated container buildings, whose facades are designed with sharp, clear lines and clean, simple color blocks to highlight a modern, fashionable, industrial style. Different from conventional buildings focusing on vertical and horizontal dimensions, the buildings in this project shape like winding mountains to give a futuristic feeling, which echoes the surrounding stylish landscape to provide an visually layered experience. The gray space applied adds a sense of liveliness, and subtly links architecture, field and people. The vertical landscape, including the lawns, the trees and green plants used to decorate the facades, form a distinctive spiritual fortress. Moreover, this marketing center can also become a cafe, a gym, a library, and a garden when boasting multiple kids’ play zones of various themes, whereby people in it will truly feel the vitality of the entire space from the inside out.

Boxcool (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd