Xiangyi House Sales Office

by Felix Zhao

Projet Description

Architecture should echo the current context of urban development. The Sales Office of xiangyifu is adjacent to the intersection of two rivers in Lianyungang City. The design of the building, garden landscape and interior design can absorb the flexibility of water and create a quiet place floating on the water.
Taking "architecture is a solidified art" as the starting point and extending with the inspiration of "journey to the west", designer Zhao Fei finally presents the architectural outline of the project in the form of a moonlight treasure box. In the evening, when the lights begin to shine, the interior lights bloom from the "V" shaped opening of the building, which looks like the supreme treasure of heaven, opening the moonlight treasure box of solidification time. The rhythm of the whole building and the surrounding traffic is very different. Let the people in the architectural space feel the "stillness" of time, and let Xiangyi mansion really become the "Moonlight treasure box" for people to escape from the hustle and bustle and freely shuttle time.
This paper attempts to interpret the current urban lifestyle from the perspective of architecture, looking for the relationship between nature, architecture and human settlements. Here, light and shadow become the theme of design. The ultimate modern design language and introverted oriental aesthetics will also be integrated into the space in a unique way.
Large area of marble and chicken wing wood material contrast, forming people's first impression of Chinese style, introverted and implicit, steady and not publicity. The architecture emphasizes the beauty of the natural texture of the material itself, reducing too much decoration, but releasing the interior space, bringing a transparent and open comfortable experience.

Felix Zhao