Xiamen Jianfa -Yangyun Underground Club

by Mansi Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Jianfa Yangyun is located in the core of Lu Island, sitting outside the city and hidden in the mountains and rivers, building a scenic Oriental landscape Zen garden. The community club serving the owner is named "yunfenghui". Jianfa hopes to define the spire lifestyle of the characters on the cover of Ludao, which is constructed by the aesthetics of mans design operation room.
Qianlong wrote a poem for his cloud Pavilion: "water and clouds support the lake, mountains and clouds support the room. Living in the mountains and near the water, clouds are one". Yangyun Pavilion is located at the foot of the mountain, facing the lake and across the corridor. The pine smoke and stone miasma on the mountain converge into a mountain haze and pour into the pavilion along the mountain; The mist in the water is generated in the morning and evening mist and flows to the shore. Therefore, the souls of mountains and water meet and merge in the flowing mist.
After careful consideration and extraction of the poetic blueprint of Yangyun Pavilion, Mansi is determined to build a landscape indoors to "raise cloud". In the design, Mansi shapes the internal skeleton through construction, vertical blocks and horizontal ups and downs, which is regarded as "mountain"; Through the interaction of moving lines, the water diversion scenery is interspersed with each other to form a distant artistic conception, which is thought to be "water".

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