Taibao Homeland Nanjing International Health Care Community

by Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The design is based on the theme of "Four Seasons Homes", combining Nanjing City’s natural and humanistic business cards and symbols with the one-stop CCRC model of the CCRC elderly care community that provides food, housing, entertainment, medical care, and care to create the four seasons, Wisdom, green, growth, and healthy homes serve a better life. This project takes the four seasons that Jiangnan cities are accustomed to as the time dimension; and continues the concept of building the traditional Chinese courtyard'starting from the courtyard, inheriting the hall, gathering in the corridor, and staying in the room'. The four spatial dimensions are combined, and at the same time, the "city flower" The three most representative material and cultural business cards of Plum Blossom and City Tree Cedar, Qixia Red Maple and Ancient Construction Frame, Jinling Painting School and Cloud Brocade, combine to depict a piece of land in Nanjing Taibao Homeland.

Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.