Saiyi R&D Headquarters Office

by Guangdong Tianyuan Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Saiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the new energy automobile town of Daliang Town, Shunde District, focusing on high-tech fields such as the Internet. The design area of the project is approximately 8,290 square meters. The design highlights create a young post-modern office space with a sense of future technology while satisfying the functions of flexible office and scene alternation. From concept, design to landing, it finally presents a place of value representing Saiyi culture. Conceptual thinking was carried out in the early stage of the design of the project based on the attributes of Saiyi company. Draw inspiration from Saiyi's logo, and use post-modern methods to deconstruct Saiyi's information symbol. Combining the characteristics of the company's attributes, extract elements from the Internet's circuit diagrams and data balls. The points and lines of the circuit diagram reflect the sense of flow in the plane. The cut form of the data ball evolved into a strong sense of geometric composition of space.

Guangdong Tianyuan Architectural Design Co., Ltd.