No gathering, no scattering bar

by Huayi Haichuang Design Institute

Projet Description

The project is a restaurant and bar, mainly to create a comfortable and elegant space, while focusing on a fashionable atmosphere where comfort and trend coexist. The open space has no blunt shelter, which makes the space full of change. The space is divided by the way of dining, and the seating form is rich, which can meet various dining needs and easily create a lively atmosphere after dining and the wine market. The design of the balcony space maximizes the blurring of the boundary between the interior and the exterior, and seamlessly connects them. With the different coordination and transformation of natural light and interior lighting, it provides the overall restaurant with a spatial transformation of morning tea and evening dinner and wine market. Services that respond to different usage scenarios. The fresh and lively modern design is integrated with the spirit of environmental protection and sustainability, which perfectly combines space, light and shadow, nature and sustainability. A large number of green plants and unadorned concrete give customers the purest dining atmosphere.

Huayi Haichuang Design Institute