New town Jiashan yunshang Fenghua City Sales Office

by Shanghai Feishi decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Jiashan——A straight line distance of 48km from Shanghai Hongqiao at the intersection of Zhejiang and Shanghai, bordering Shanghai. Combining the local characteristics of Jiashan Ancient Brick Kiln, Jiashan Sizhou Tower, Jiashan Flower Art, and Suqian Sixian Academy, the space borrows the scenery to break away from the traditional sales office thinking, and gives the space a specific emotional tone within the architectural language and sculpture appearance. Abandoning overly complex textures and decorations, the deconstruction and reorganization of multiple square elements makes the space full of imagination and makes people in this space more creative. Bright space, wood feel brings natural comfort, embellishment with rich warm colors, free from the constraints of form, simplifying lines, using design methods to differentiate the space function more logically, improving the aesthetic ability of the walker, and triggering emotions Resonate, increase the way of interaction. The pure reading space is clean and interesting, arousing the spiritual resonance between people and books. Read a book with a cup of coffee to indulge in a period of time, let the book resonate with people, people and space, and bring infinite surprises and reveries. Let the enclosed space interact and deepen the inner connection between people, everything is simple and clear.

Shanghai Feishi decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd