Modern home| contentedly

by Wangting Zhao

Projet Description

According to the living habits of the residents, under the limitation of the fixed load-bearing structure of the building, a revolutionary transformation of the removable wall is carried out. Under the condition of maintaining the integrity and independence of the space function, the application of the space function is strengthened to a greater extent; dynamic activities complement each other with static rest and enjoyment, and the artistic atmosphere and living accommodation complement each other.
From the whole to the part, the space is divided neatly, so that the structure and modeling form the geometric contrast of large and small blocks and long lines, so as to achieve stronger practicability and greater visual extension; the perceptual cultural symbols are placed in the rational structural graphics, and the interactive circle is square and neat.
The overall space is based on the design concept of humanism as the center and soft decoration as the leading, which maximizes the balance between the material civilization and spiritual civilization between the residents and the living room.

Wangting Zhao