Changzhou Jiahong Yuanshan Villa

by Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The world is so big that people can't measure it in a lifetime; the world is so small that it's a lifetime to walk around at home. Home is not only for people to live, but also a holy land for the soul.
The project is located in Xizhi street, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City. The hostess and hostess have a certain appreciation and taste of aesthetic art. In the city with historical and modern flavor, under the influence of Western learning, they respect the East, use the oriental aesthetics with modern and innovative design techniques, take off the complicated coat, retain the introverted charm, take its meaning to its shape, inherit the essence of the East, and create a low luxury and humanistic art quality residence in the East.
For this reason, great efforts have been made in the use of color and material selection, with intelligent and elegant high-grade gray as the keynote, steady and wise dark blue and delicate and warm orange brown as embellishments, forming the unique temperament and color of this 3 + B1 mansion, rendering a kind of thrilling beauty. The first floor is equipped with basic family functions such as living room, dining room and kitchen. The overall furniture is mainly made of glossy and delicate leather. The lamps and lanterns are made of natural brass and crystal, and matched with metal details and dragon pattern flower ware, reflecting the dignity of the host and the pursuit of high-quality life. There is also the master's study on the first floor, displaying some famous watches that the master usually collects, playing here for a day. The height of the basement space is appropriate. The original basement is made into a mezzanine. The basement door is the underground garage. In order to satisfy the love of making tea and drinking tea for the host and hostess, a tea tasting room is built on the mezzanine, where guests can also be entertained or meditated. There are reception, audio-visual and calligraphy areas in the basement, where you can paint, watch movies and relax in your spare time. The second floor is the room for daughter and son, and the elder room is also on the same floor, which is convenient for taking care of children. The third floor is the master bedroom suite, including the bathroom, cloakroom, jewelry, bags and other displays. It is an independent private space for the host and hostess.
Under the premise of meeting the director's multi-level aesthetic and functional needs, the art and life should be integrated to the greatest extent, and a new experience and quiet and elegant life atmosphere should be advocated.

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