by 陈熠/肖锋

Projet Description

This project is an Archimedes lighting display space, which combines two brands from Hong Kong and Milan, Italy. The designer revolves around the different product attributes of these two brands and creates from two spatial dimensions. Archimedes lighting uses light and color to highly unify people's emotions and environment, so that the spirit can be released and sublimated in a kind of artistic conception.
Under different space attributes, the designer also wants to compare the hallway design of the two with the display of internal products through the difference of "light, shadow, shape and color". Unity.
In the first space, in the design of the foyer, the designer applied shape and color techniques to break the traditional form of entering the store by customers, increasing the sense of ritual entering the store and the jumping lighting to reflect the characteristics of the product.
It has a magical interest and increases the customer's desire to explore. In the design of the foyer, the designer uses a curved path.
The horizontal lines on the ground are raised, and six linear lights are used in the rectangular space to make customers feel the philosophy of space and light inside and outside.
The interpretation of variable light and dimmable light makes the space more interesting.
As an integral part of space art and visual art, this method not only has the function of carrying material, spirit, art and culture, but also gives it cultural positioning, commercial space positioning and image connotation, which is conducive to enhancing the added value of corporate products.