Limanyuan Spring-pancake roast duck

by Siyun Chen/Jiefeng Zhu

Projet Description

It seems that for a long time, we take it for granted that old brands should be traditional and old-fashioned in the cultural trend. Recently, however, the so-called old brands have appeared in the public's field of vision with different ways of thinking. In the trend of new culture, limanyuan not only returns with the determination to focus on production, but also with an unusual special face. The world of adults has no choice. In terms of quality and refinement, I want both. It tries to interpret Oriental Culture in a variety of contexts by integrating Oriental elements, philosophy and aesthetics. It also seeks for the collision and integration between the diversity of design and oriental culture, and makes symmetrical use of traditional meaning and contemporary form, tracing back to the source and never forgetting the original intention

Siyun Chen/Jiefeng Zhu