King’s Ice Room Olympus

by Liu Yu

Projet Description

King Ice Room•Olympus Store is a dining space project designed by Shenyang Tianxiang Culture Media Co., Ltd. The project continues the design idea of the King’s Ice Room that has always been based on European style, and on this it makes a lot of reference to the natural style of Greece, especially the Olympus area. In addition, considering the importance of Greek mythology in the history of human civilization, the project also incorporates elements of Greek mythology in many details, combining the brand characteristics of the King’s Ice Room, the physical and spatial conditions of the area, and the original space. The structure, business function requirements and cultural expression elements are sorted out, planned and refined. The overall tone of the Olympus store is mainly silver gray, white and orange. These three colors are the most praised by travelers, the scenery and colors of Mount Olympus when the sun rises and the moon sets, and the four seasons change. Silver gray is the exposed rock of the mountain peak in summer; white is the top of the mountain covered in winter; orange is the color of the mountain at sunset; and the indoor green plants that are decorated throughout the shop are the strelitzia and sacred palms that are abundant in northern Europe. What they represent is the lush summer in Greece.

Liu Yu