Jinan Haibo Lanting Club

by Chengxi design

Projet Description

Located in Jinan, Shandong Province, the Haibo Lan Ting Club Project is known as the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and the country of etiquette. In the functional space and cultural context of Chinese architecture, it is deeply influenced by Confucian culture and emphasizes regulations, etiquette and demeanor. The design of the clubhouse adheres to the ritual and order of the East, combines local culture and modern art techniques, and uses a clear and handsome design language to create contemporary quality human settlements. The clubhouse in this case is located on the basement floor. As a community support directly delivered by the Hyperlanting project, it is hoped to build a Lohas leisure life hall, where you can relax, read, swim, exercise, and relax. In terms of design style, the space as a whole presents a low-key and elegant color mood, a simple and low-key texture, and light luxury and elegance flow throughout the space. The large area uses natural light-colored textured marble, which is rational, delicate, firm and reliable. The inherently calm texture renders the space's ritual sense. The structural beauty and three-dimensional sense are self-contained, conveying the infinite tension of space design.

Chengxi design