Huayangnian. Qingbaijiang real estate exhibition center

by Duowei desig

Projet Description

A distinctive and characteristic exhibition center, with its own philosophy, conveys the design perception that "the beautiful time in life needs to be spent in the shade of greenery". It conveys the time when people experience the transformation and passing of light and shadow in space walking. The ceiling. Perforated light-transmitting aluminum plate encloses and wraps to convey the sense of light and shade. A light-transmitting soft film box is set in the air, and the ring-shaped dynamic turntable lamp is slowly projected onto the soft film through the artistic dead branches, conveying the passage of time. There is no light on the top of the front hall, and reflective paint is used to increase the reflection effect. The light band and the fogging flowing water glass curtain wall guide. The long corridor in the shade of light. Use the light to pass through the green plants to show the shadow of the tree onto the atomized laminated glass.

Duowei desig