Go with Art

by Huang Yecheng

Projet Description

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy interprets art as a mirror of life, which witnesses the warmth and fireworks of life, grasps the most comfortable scale in the layout of space, and gives people the ultimate in spiritual world Pursue. This project is a three-storey villa. The overall space is based on black, white and gray, and a strong tolerance is extended in the alternating layers of dark and light. The color and artistic inspiration can be freely depicted, pure and in harmony. The designer reasonably divides the public and private areas through an open layout, so that while realizing the home office needs of the owners, they can also enjoy the fashion and fun of contemporary life. The reception area on the first floor uses modern and simple furniture combined with individual oil paintings. The bold color matching presents a harmonious transition, which gives the space rich saturation in the four-time change of light and shadow, strengthens the artistic appeal, and creates a personalized space Cultural theme. The open kitchen does not have too much decoration, just the natural decoration of plants, you can calm down and make a delicate cuisine full of ritual sense. The second floor is mainly the living room and office area. The designer deliberately hides the extra wall and adopts the design without the main lamp to visually present the atmospheric opening and closing space field. The furniture is made of textured leather, tough glass, metal and other materials, and carries the ultimate expressiveness of the space through the deep texture. Walking up the stairs to the third floor, huge art paintings decorate this modern and simple home. The round window on the wall adopts garden landscaping techniques to penetrate the master bedroom and the external space, creating a unique interior scenery. From the shaping of the overall scene to the scrutiny of the detailed design, the sentiment and taste of the residents are permeated.

Huang Yecheng