Enterprise exhibition hall and R&D department—design to remember the future

by Fan Yifei

Projet Description

This case is an international leading enterprise that independently develops decorative paper PVC film for the corporate exhibition hall and R&D department. Design content: 1st floor, 2nd floor exhibition hall, 3rd floor R&D center. The exhibition hall is divided into corporate culture exhibition area, negotiation area, decorative paper area, decorative board area, terminal product area and conference area. This case revolves around corporate culture, product innovation, product display and brand promotion as the overall concept. The design idea includes three parts, business, design, and aesthetics. White is the main tone of the space, and the hollowed out shape of the wall runs through the entire interior, reflecting the sense of movement and tension. The curved light film on the top surface echoes the wall to make the space move in silence, guiding the entire visual route. The overall space is open and fluid, and a clear flow plan helps people to visit in an orderly manner, and creatively realize the free interaction between visitors and the brand.

Fan Yifei