Dafa – country garden lantingxu model room

by Shanghai Feishi decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The aesthetic thought of the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty was the peak of ancient Chinese civilization, and was called the "Oriental Renaissance" by European and American scholars. Under the influence of social humanities and arts, scholar-officials in Song Dynasty generally pursued an elegant and secluded life. The elegant life of the people of the Song Dynasty was due to the fact that they had a boss of Song Huizong who pursued the most elegant art. During the time of Song Huizong, there were eight things in life: piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea. The Song Dynasty developed and evolved on the basis of inheriting the culture of the previous generations, and formed a unique "Song-type culture" with its splendid spiritual civilization, which is known throughout the world with its splendid spiritual civilization. "Burning incense and tea, hanging pictures and flower arrangement, four kinds of meddling, not suitable for tired family", points out the "four things" of the elegant life of the literati in the Song Dynasty. These four artists taste daily life through smell, taste, touch and vision, and elevate daily life to the realm of art.

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