D-03 designer building of Pearl River Decoration City

by Xiangjing (Tianjin) Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. (Wang Yan)

Projet Description

Mountain shape is one, and Vientiane is natural "The mountain is also a place of propaganda. The spirit of propaganda is scattered, and all things are born. There are stones, high and pictographic. All mountains belong to the mountain." - "Shuowen Jiezi". Viewing the mountains, in terms of temperament, we extract perseverance, broad, deep and introverted, and mindful of all things. Just like excellent designers and design works, they always convey to people the feeling of calm and long, elegant and timeless space. In terms of form, the towering mountains and continuous changes give us design inspiration. The meaning of design is for people to have a better life. It is one of the core concepts of this case to advocate design as a guide for creative decoration, and to create an environment and platform for designers to learn and communicate. Through the connection of space creativity, the formation of a unique style of cultural and creative art space is Party A’s business needs and our design demands.

Xiangjing (Tianjin) Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. (Wang Yan)