Chimney copper pot instant boiled meat (Changbai store)

by Zhang Qiming

Projet Description

Late cooking smoke, good restaurants, hard to find. Every city has its own fireworks. "Large hidden like a city, small hidden in the wild" a modernist restaurant lingering with the smell of fireworks in Guanzhong- Chimney copper pot instant boiled meat (Changbai store) rises from the ground. The overall design is mainly made of cement steel plate, and the designer’s expressions from rough to delicate are freely retractable, a large number of colors of the same color collide, and bright colors that occasionally jump out dot the entire space. The interplay of cold light and warm light accentuates the details in the rough. The design is full of wild tenderness, and the exposed cement section is not modified too much, so that the rough wall and the smooth mirror-like steel plate rub against each other and contrast. When night comes, the lights come on, and strong fireworks pounce on your face. At this time, the outside is yin, and the inside is yang. The more quiet and farther the outside is, the more out of place inside.

Zhang Qiming