C8 Restaurant


Projet Description

The overall presentation of the restaurant is not only to create a space similar to paradise for people in the fast-paced city
In order to find the original relationship and feelings between man and nature
Through the design of high and low plane and block cutting
What we hope to convey to customers is not just a space box, but through these ways and means to convey more dimensional atmosphere and emotion, and touch the senses of the audience
The overall layout of the space is in the form of island, and the middle area forms a relatively "independent" semi enclosed space, which seems to cut a box wantonly and make full use of the form of surrounding the center to supplement and combine practical functions
The functions of welcome, cashier, bar and scenery wall are combined together to coordinate with the flow of people and work logistics in the whole space, making the flow of people and flow of people in the whole restaurant more smooth
The combination of a large area of wood veneer on the top surface and the mirror not only extends the space, but also creates a virtual and real atmosphere
Steel plate, horseshoe stone and other rough natural materials are highlighting the natural and random temperament of the space to be expressed
Large area of indoor landscape and water system "fill" the space, with steel mirror and other structural modeling presents a step-by-step scene
At night, laser projection and real fire fireplace are used to decorate and decorate the space, which is an illusion of the combination of primitive and modern
Let the people in it have different, multiple and even complex and novel experiences