Anti-time and space vine beauty restaurant

by Siyun Chen/Jiefeng Zhu

Projet Description

One person, order a cup of beautiful fruit and vegetable drinks, quietly complete the report of the leadership PPT. Two girlfriends, together with the roast that won't gain weight. After strolling through the street, the family of three took the children a delicious lunch. Five or six partners, relax from work, eat food, talk about ideals...
The use of food for vines breaks people's conventional ideas. There are legends that eating vegetarian food will make people grow up against each other. In space, we have done a counter-space to break the conventional space.
Invert the metaphor of the earth over the entire top surface, and use the mirror to extend the extension of the earth infinitely. The blue crystal terrazzo is full of the designer's infinite imagination of the universe.
Design concept
At the same time that people's health requirements for eating out are getting higher and higher, urban people are becoming more and more popular in the pursuit of healthy lifestyles. The design project is located in Wuhan International Plaza, a beautiful vegetable dining space. In the past, old-fashioned vegetarian restaurants generally had the attribute of “Li Buddha”. How to combine the brand attitude of natural space, while subverting people's ideas and maintaining the sense of space without losing the level of detail, is the core idea of this design.
Chinese people attach great importance to the issue of eating rice, and more because in addition to health, more is communication. It is more common to talk about eating a meal, so in this design, we pay more attention to people. Interactivity, all seats can be reorganized to achieve various social states.

Siyun Chen/Jiefeng Zhu