Ziguang Haikuo Tianjin Golden Sea Cloud City

by Yazheng Liu

Projet Description

Ziguang Haikuo Tianjin Golden Sea Cloud City
85 units
This apartment is a modern design style. Inspired by the works of Mondrian, the master of color composition, it uses the body block and the crisscross relationship to express the space. At the same time, it matches with various color elements. The overall color matching of the space hard decoration is soft, which echoes with the bright color of the soft decoration, and can better set off the young decoration atmosphere.
98 units
The design style of this apartment gives consideration to both modern and light luxury, and uses the vertical lines to form the relationship to better reflect the sense of space. Through the collocation and application of different materials such as metal, wall cloth, stone and wood veneer, it shows the sense of quality and luxury in a low profile. The main color is high-grade gray, which complements the bright color of soft clothing, and is stable and full of vitality.

Yazheng Liu