Zhongnan haimen Chunjiang Huayue model room-205

by Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The perfect combination of space and art, home is the art of space as the way of existence, art forms through space as the carrier, with a variety of materials interwoven contrast and fusion, showing a calm or restless perception. Architecture is a solidified art. Through the French windows, you can feel the change of four seasons in the outdoor landscape, and feel the flow in the solidified space, which can bring people a very delicate feeling. In the dining room space, the contrast between the surface blocks and the deep and shallow level planning can produce the shape of the space. At first glance, the atmosphere is simple and clean, while at last, it contains delicate thoughts and exquisite details. It is clear and bright, and has more aesthetic depth And delicacy.
The western kitchen with sociality is integrated with the dining room, and forms a scene interaction with the living room. While highlighting the etiquette of the Chinese restaurant, it also pays attention to the functional design of the Western wine cabinet and the western kitchen delicacy.
A large area of gray collides with light leather, and there is a warm and friendly side in rationality. The gray and white furniture highlights the space quality and steady temperament, and the low-key light orange inlay makes the environment atmosphere achieve a wonderful balance of calm and vitality delicacy.
Design is not only the integration of aesthetics and function, but also the balance of sensibility and rationality. We should not only perceive the humanistic spirit, pay attention to the emotional communication between family members, use natural materials to express the temperature in life, but also adopt a rigorous attitude towards technology, grasp the harmony and proportion in the space, and use metal tiles to emphasize the accuracy of technology

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