Zhengzhou Yongwei Shanghe County·Dongya

by Shenzhen shen 'en  design co. LTD

Projet Description

This case is located in Zhengzhou City Zhengdong Green Expo area Yongwei Shanghe county two sets of luxury house model houses, south of the Jialu river landscape river, west of the urban landscape belt of the Jialu River Park, green space, water, birds and other natural ecological resources rich, for the project to provide leisure, health preservation pastoral environment.
According to the unique natural and ecological resources of the project, the design team cooperated with the "international first-class brand" furniture at the beginning of the design to carry bags and live in hardbound luxury houses for future elite customer groups. In terms of design style, the design team hopes to be a new city living here You create a simple and natural modern taste space.
In order to isolate the impetuousness and noise of the city and feel the beauty and tranquility of the nature, the design team takes this as the original intention, aiming to create a quiet and comfortable place for the residents to stay away from the disturbance.
In terms of functional choice, it is different from the eastern flat and rigid square pattern. Taking the leisure and comfortable western culture as the design idea, the overall space is designed with streamline layout to create a living space where comfort and style coexist, and life and art coexist.
In space design, high texture material selection and simple and bright color matching can best reflect the designer's ability and consideration.
In the guest restaurant, a large area of black-and-white stone, light brown wood veneer, gray white glass and snow white marble are reasonably used in the overall space. Through the relationship between large pieces of different materials, the level of space is enriched and the overall artistic temperament is reflected. To create a sense of fashion, to create a walk in the forefront of the city's low luxury elegance.
It is the designer's grasp and understanding of the modern urban theme that the implicit and restrained propriety and wanton flying thoughts.
Simple and low-key black and white gray is the main color of the space, but there is a sense of design hidden under the minimalist appearance. In terms of the color selection of soft decoration materials, orange leather single chair and golden chandelier enrich the design language of the dining room area, enrich the overall space color visually, and make the original calm and restrained space have a little jump and publicity.
Exquisite materials, exquisite texture, and exquisite taste everywhere constitute a modern fashion frame. Every frame here seems to be a picture. Light a cigar, taste a glass of red wine, listen to a song, let your thoughts flow in the space, and the purified soul resonates with the space language at this moment.
A corner of the study, separated and continuous, not only from the visual connection of two spaces, but also from the function of each other, highlighting the sense of space, but also organized.
In the master bedroom, the gray tone is continued, and the gray with different saturation is applied in the space. The unique concave convex texture of the background wall of the bedroom is designed as the design center point, and gold is used as the ornament in some parts. The appropriate color matching, high-quality bedding, and the sunlight splashing through the curtain make the afternoon sleepy.
When the holidays come, you don't have to think about stepping into the distance all the time. Under the warm sunshine, in this pleasant space, you can enjoy the leisure time of "long afternoon dream".
The dark wood facing background wall with wood grille modeling is the design highlight of the old people's room. The natural materials and soft color matching deduce the gentle spatial rhythm, and emit a kind of calm and stable emotional appeal in simplicity.
The design of guest room is different from the past. In order to echo the simple and introverted design style of the whole space, the low saturation gray, yellow and blue are collided together in the space to produce the right degree of comfort.
The same design does not let go of any space design and quality pursuit. On the basis of continuing the modern simple gray tone, the 360 degree elliptical makeup mirror and the modern streamline double table design form a visual center.
Zhengzhou, which has a history of 6000 years of civilization, can hardly express its charm in poetry.
Starting from the characteristics of local cultural background, the designer absorbs the aura of the ancient capital's history and culture, integrates the traditional oriental culture into the western modern simple life style. Through the expression of ideas and the shaping of emotions, the designer enriches the space level from the four senses of vision, touch, hearing and smell to create a holiday residence that solidifies the needs, emotions and aesthetics of modern urbanites.
In the analysis of the hard decoration, the designer uses simple white and delicate lines to express the space tension, abandons the excessively complex texture and decoration, and reasonably applies the simplified lines to the interior layout.
The layout and function design of space are based on human beings, while the beauty of design lies in "harmony but difference", and the design idea is supported by cultural connotation. The whole space design is centered on the modern simple style, supplemented by the cultural connotation of Zhengzhou for thousands of years, presenting a compatible and pure artistic conception space for the residents.
The golden ring chandeliers in the living room and the blue gold sand marble background wall with diamond symmetry design soften the space squareness and outline the visual vent point.
The large floor to floor window design introduces the outdoor natural landscape into the indoor space, and injects the sky and cloud shadow into the indoor space. At the same time, it is like an excellent natural view frame, which can still frame the day and night scenery.
Taking the guest restaurant as the center, the central axis moving line connects each functional area in series, and the primary and secondary relations match properly. The connection and edge closing of wood facing grille and marble, as well as gold edge pointing on the wall, confirm the excellent control of design details.
In terms of soft furnishings, the famous brands HC28、DAAZ and Camerich furniture high-end series are adopted, which are originated from the creation of nature and the design concept of getting simple aesthetic feeling by abandoning the complexity, which coincides with the design ideas of designers. The color is harmonious and unified, the material is gentle and delicate, but the minimalist design makes people feel the Oriental introverted temperament and modern light luxury quality life.
The master bedroom has a light brown background wall, and the middle part of the wall is inlaid with glass elements of mountain pattern art, which is another refinement and breakthrough of design art, and shows the beauty of artistic conception in modern culture.
Even if you make every effort, you will never fail to be poetic and picturesque. Tea set, bamboo, desk table, white porcelain, this one thing to build this space in the quiet and clear.
Wind blowing cloth curtain, caressing the elegance of literati.
The background wall of the elder's house is based on leather carving art and gray, which matches the wood color. The material conversion and color change are smooth and natural transition, upright and orderly.
The children's room is decorated with bright but elegant grey pink, which not only echoes the theme of the whole space, but also gives rise to a sense of taste and introspection. The novel and interesting decorations and modern streamlined Book chairs let the children's wild innocence and imagination volatilize in the space.
In addition to extending the design method of large space, the use of large bathroom, large bathtub, super large double basin wash basin, make-up mirror and large area of marble stone, together with the fine scale design, all reflect the quality sense of hardbound luxury house.

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