Projet Description

Hidden in the valley of moganshan, eight white houses are so mysterious that the rolling hills around them arouse people's curiosity.
Back in the mountains
X-living is a new attempt and experience of yuanshe to the huai valley project. In the future, huai valley will become a large community with farmland, fruit trees, flowers, neighbors and life. It's a place where time is quiet and mellow, and it's, it's more than that, it's full of possibilities.
One more day than forever
When I first met huai gu, I felt like stepping into another time and space. It is a homestay and an art center in progress forever. The designer reorganized and interpreted the concept of "time", using light and shadow to perceive the aesthetics of life, in which people participated and got acquainted with huaigu. In a sense, the valley was a surrealist experiment.
Free boundary
Designers have been trying to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, breaking the shackles of some traditional designs. Into the valley of huai, meet a "light box", the designer will be thick wall break originally, on the choice of material is full of surprises, transparent glass brick instead of solid bricks, light through the glass, enter indoor, space boundary is eliminated at the moment, time is slow, together with the inside and outside, is permeated with a warm and soft filter.
The transparent wall allows the light to create freely in the space, keeping "never finished". Just like huai valley, it keeps exploring x-living.
Enter indoor, hall of booth did sink processing, the underlying overhead, a water flows along the valley of huai, stack height, have been to here, wall was cancelled, water is free, the booth is surrounded by water, just like the water island, peaceful and grow in the infinitely, designers use nature gives space life force.