by Shenglei Wang

Projet Description

Yipu(Elegant jade)
Retreat from the glitz and return to the essence of life.
Simple and unique,
everything is different only because of you, taste every style of life, so the mood becomes extra rich.
When you are busy, there is such a space where you can unscrupulously reverie, look over, and read. It should be so pleasant!
The tranquil light and shadow pour gentle among the wooden floors, creating a warm, cozy and bright atmosphere.
The texture reflected by the sun is full, gentle and elegant.
The collision of low-key and calm thinking, space, proportion, texture, and brilliance, explore more scenes and lifestyles.
The stream during the day is clear and sees the sandy bottom; the stream of clear dawn is cold and frosty; the stream under the moon is a bright crystal world.

Shenglei Wang