Xingjie International Design Office

by Huaming Zhou、Ming Li、Chen Zhang、Danting Wang

Projet Description

The space of this case is located in Xingjie International Design Office of Ningbo chamber of Commerce International Trade Center with strong brand economic strength. From the moment the elevator door opens to the office, the infinite imagination brought by black, a door to different time and space has been opened slowly.
Stepping on the steps of dream, walking through the silhouette of urban architecture, walking in the passage of time, pursuing the meaning of space. The ritual sense of the entrance gradually gathers in the moving track of color contrast from black to white, and the function of space also unfolds.
The space is mainly black and white, far away from the heavy color, returning to the simplest original heart. A little bit of green will always arouse people's curiosity and attract people to peep and explore.
In the black-and-white space, the design of ray lamp is full of charm, which adds icing on the cake to the space. Black and white cycle with each other, forming a mutual co-existence of the construction process, space with a full sense of design ray lamp transfer image and contour, in the level, rhythm, transparency between constantly changing.
Black and white, light and dark, line and surface, light and shadow, extension and arrival, absorb space narrative in opposite ways. The open and concise facade is composed of simple division of space by lighting, and the relevance of space is sought at the same time. Space makes people sober and exciting, but not cold and boring; it makes people warm and close, but not lazy and boring.

Huaming Zhou、Ming Li、Chen Zhang、Danting Wang