Xiao Che

by Zhejiang Huawei Door Industry Co.Ltd

Project Description

Creative Aesthetics:
Xiaoche is a smart entrance door that combines aesthetics and utility. The designer took inspiration from the Crescent Spring in the Singing Sand Mountain and adopted a minimalist design concept. The door's facade is left blank, showcasing the beauty of the desert, while the handle panel is decorated with copper-green gilding, resembling a crescent moon and a clear spring. The door leaf is mainly composed of multi-layer materials, such as high-thickness vacuum-cast aluminum plates, nano polyester fiber sound-absorbing boards, alloy aluminum plates, and wood veneer panels. The door core is filled with environmentally friendly, water-based, fluorine-free polyurethane foam, which has an ultra-low thermal conductivity. Not only does this provide excellent anti-theft, heat resistance, heat preservation and soundproofing effects but also has seismic damping properties.
Product adopts aviation-grade four-dimensional five-degree airtight system and EPDM sealing strips, with soundproofing level 4, thermal insulation level 8, and anti-theft level reaching European standard level 3 and national standard level A. The super performance provides users with a quiet and comfortable living environment. The entrance door is equipped with hidden hinges, which can greatly enhance the anti-pry security performance by avoiding the exposure of hinge axles. It has a long service life with an opening frequency of more than 400,000 times, allowing users to avoid frequent replacement of door locks and saving maintenance and replacement costs.
The product is equipped with high-end smart locks, which can achieve multiple unlocking methods such as wall control, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and password unlocking. Users can remotely control and manage the door lock through a mobile phone or other terminal devices, to monitor and manage the status of the door lock at any time, such as opening and closing the door, temporary authorization, etc., thus improving the convenience and flexibility of management. Also, users can choose the most suitable unlocking method without the need to carry keys, making it convenient and efficient.
Green and low-carbon:
The product mainly uses recyclable aluminum and renewable wood resources, with good durability and environmental performance. By using environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving design, it reduces the consumption of natural resources and carbon emissions and promotes sustainable development.

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