Wooden house barbecue


Projet Description

Wooden house barbecue - "song of ice and fire"
After the volcano erupted, the burned forest, the lightning hit the trees and caused the mountain fire, the human ancestors from drinking blood to creating civilization... All these originated from the initial fire. In the urban jungle of reinforced concrete, everything emphasizes restraint, law and order. Where can we find the eternal flame?
Fiery, enthusiastic, take off all ostentation and disguise, drink, indulge in release, face the real self
Wise, calm, break the external restrictions and constraints, enjoy the refreshing time
Fire symbolizes passion, ice means cold. These two completely different concepts and colors are perfect match. The interweaving of ice and fire fascinates people.
For the store design of the wooden house barbecue, we want to emphasize the space attribute, which is to create a theme space with cultural and artistic temperament; it has the dissemination, high identification, fun space, and the form presents the dissemination of barbecue "laopaoer"; through good space division and function layout, it can achieve the most convenient use of functionality.
For the division of space area, the interweaving and conflict of cold and warm colors endows the space with publicity vitality by visual opposition and collision; high saturation color metal, mirror stainless steel and glass acrylic, different material collocation combinations make clear the regional function differences of each part. The ice blue bar can bring a bit of freshness and coolness in the heat to calm the restlessness of the heart; the bright and warm card seats can bring a more positive and lively dining atmosphere. With the change of light projection, the color of "hot" area will also jump between red and orange. In the hot summer, it's not so fast to have a bunch of warm children, drink a cool beer, and feel the cold and hot jump in the taste buds and space!