Warren Kopler lifts the sliding door

by Warren

Projet Description

  1. 25mm narrow frame, 46mm narrow fan design, visual surface can be reduced up to 59%, slim large open, bring feast for the eyes and large vision.
  2. using ultra-high precision 6060-T66 aluminum alloy profile, the strength of 35% increase.
  3. low threshold design, the minimum can achieve 23mm threshold, good passability.
  4. the middle pulley with stop design, bring smooth operation experience.
  5. the use of the highest bearing up to 350KG of imported anti-theft hardware, can achieve 6㎡ large door fan.
  6. choose the reinforced door fan with core, can realize 3.2 meters high door fan.
  7. advanced soft and hard co-extrusion 4-channel sealing technology, to minimize indoor and outdoor heat conduction.
  8. can realize full open or open + fixed, unified appearance.
  9. can be adapted to comfortable closing device, door fan automatic return position, prevent collision and clamping, safe and assured.