Projet Description

As more and more women take control of their careers and lifestyles voluntarily, with the freedom to be whoever they want to be, and the courage to fight stereotypes...and having these seemingly mundane powers that are not easy, in our It seems that it is both tough and soft, like a complex and strong vitality growing in the warm desert.
Through multiple curved walls, the whole space is semi-openly partitioned, and a mysterious and soft display environment is reconstructed. We chose "women bathed in the sun" as the concept of this space design, stretching the body toward the warm place, showing the beauty of confidence, softness and tenacity, which is the brand charm that the whole space wants to convey through the design.
We design and use some shapes to express the life force of women in different states. The square expresses toughness, the curved surface expresses the inner softness, and the circle expresses self-confidence. In these forms, the functions of different spaces and the emotions and feelings conveyed are constructed. As soon as people enter this space, they can relieve the impetuousness of commercial space and feel calm from top to bottom.
In order to emphasize the texture and tone of the entire store, it provides a space like an exhibition. We designed a curved soft film ceiling in the center of the entire space, so that the soft light diffuses into the display in a quiet way, making the clothes more elegant and textured. At the same time, an infinity spotlight is designed, the light is hidden in the ceiling, and the exquisite atmosphere is reconciled from the inside out.
Through the combination of the curved wall and metal line hangers, a perfect harmony of point, line and surface is created, and then through the elegant and simple moving lines, people can be subtly led to the depths in the space, so that guests can actively Exploring the entire space not only satisfies the curiosity of people in a fast-paced life, but also makes the space more mysterious and romantic.
In the processing of details, the space uses white travertine and hand-scraped paint as the main tone to set off the gentle feminine charm. The material language of the entire space itself seems simple, but it is also intended to express the seemingly complex but unified exterior and interior of women in such a concise language. Let people recognize the power that the brand wants to convey at a glance.