Time increment,establish time base

by David Tse

Projet Description

LET START with the Increasement of Chances
LET START Brand Consulting Limited Company is an enterprise mainly engaged in brand strategy business, and its parent company is Guangzhou Meilian Advertising Company. Meilian is mainly engaged in outdoor media and government public relations activities. It has been in operation for 30 years, and has strong strength and social connections. In 2021, Meilian set up this integrated brand planning company in Nansha District, aiming to explore the future market of hot spots in the Greater Bay Area. This process, designers understand as the word "increment", how to express "increment" in visual design language?
Everything in the universe is constantly moving, but the center is fixed; For example, if you have a star at the center and a planet orbiting the star, you can think of it as a sphere. An enterprise is also a sphere, and the center is the core spirit of the enterprise. Around the center are the enterprise team, business and network. Should we make the increment of the sphere, or increase the diameter? Obviously, in the flattening age of the Internet, this approach may not be appropriate. Therefore, the designer set up two spheres respectively for Myonline and Timebase, and connected them with tangent lines, so that they were seamlessly connected, resulting in the visual symbol of spherical cylinder.
From the reception space of the office, two increments emerge: space and content. The mirror ceiling of the space means to break through the ceiling of the industry, and the reception desk is a spherical cylinder, which is the core design language. In addition, the spherical cylinder reminds people of medicine capsules and clinics, so the designer simply features the visual effect of the clinic as the entrance: "LET SART become a doctor to treat brand diseases."
Here is the design interpretation of each space:
Vestibule corridor/The initial heart is like a rock, and the future can be expected
Each company needs to have a unique visual identity that aligns with the brand image while creating a cohesive corporate culture. The display wall is composed of calm and elegant metallic gray, with black frame, supplemented by the guide light with flowing lines, presenting a delicate and elegant, yet personalized advanced first scene.
There is a multimedia screen on the right to show visitors the brand story and corporate culture. The glass doors in the front hall reveal the unique color scheme of sky blue and lemon yellow, making visitors more eager to explore the fun inside.
The imagination of the reception area/space opens the future
Design from the philosophy of "everything flow, its heart unchanged". The Front desk consists of two semicircles extending from both ends, creating an infinite flow of energy while keeping the center unchanged. From the emotional point of view, capsules as creative elements, highlighting the company's service purpose, to help enterprises to solve the needs of brand strategy.
Through the expression of "color", we can directly obtain better spatial effect and brand impression visually. Sky blue and lemon yellow murals add multiple artistic symbols for the office.
Dull matte metal ACTS the role of the wall body, mirror smallpox, designers cleverly using transparent, refraction, suspension and image formation, endowed with strong sense of unique character and future space, is a balance of aesthetics and science overlapping collision, practice is also an ideological dimension space, let the office staff and visitors go beyond the limitations of physical distance between produce interesting visual interaction.
Open Office Area / Flexible and efficient people - oriented
The office area is planned with an open layout, using the combination of bare top and local ceiling, increasing the height of smallpox while minus the depression in the office, precise and comfortable customized lighting settings complement minimal black and white office furniture, forming a quiet and rational atmosphere, the entire space function is obviously and liquid.
Semi-permeability colored laser glass is the design highlight of open office space, not only makes the visual blurry of the solid sense of the wall, eliminates the impression of spatial division; but also makes the working environment more vibrant atmosphere, stimulates employees' creativity.
The station is set in the window position, natural lighting is sufficient, improve the happiness of employees, create a people-centred healthy office environment, and stimulate more creative collisions and free and efficient work in a pleasant environment.
Conference room/gentle inside modest gentleman
The meeting room adopts the integration design of wood and earth wall, and the large area of wood gently and quietly adjusts the emotion, extending the Chinese scholar's gentle and elegant, calm and restrained culture, like a modest gentleman; According to the guests seated, so that people immersed in a peaceful and unbiased state of mind, put down the external disturbance, to the sincere spiritual interaction.
A gradual translucent glass sliding door with movable and retractable collection not only defines the functional area, but also enables the eye to penetrate and create an open space effect. The high-standard meeting room is equipped with handwritten painted glass plate and multimedia screen. The flexible and free furniture combination becomes the main body of space activities. The desktop movable guide rail socket of each function makes the meeting space more intelligent.
Tea zone/Vitality Inspires positive energy upward
Yellow conveys optimism, hope and beauty, giving people a pleasant, positive atmosphere. Bright yellow infuses humor and optimism into the tea area, while classic grays and blacks bring some stability and quiet power.
Restrooms/clean and tidy break with tradition
The wall body and the ground are coated with special material "resistant porcelain film", which has fine texture, and also cancels the structures that affect the visual effect such as water retaining stones, subverting the traditional aesthetic cognition of public toilets.

David Tse

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