Time goes by, the future is here

by Yaonian Li

Projet Description

Time goes by, the future is here
About dreams,
If you don't start, you'll never arrive.
About the future
We have unlimited imagination. Architecture is like a spaceship from outer space, floating on Dongqian Lake.
The story of us and the future also unfolds
Focus on the best path, reduce unnecessary trivial,
Simplicity and directness are his inner hard core.
It continues the elements of architectural multi-faceted corner.
Through the three-dimensional folding of metal materials and the segmentation of gray and white color blocks, different three-dimensional spaces are enclosed to perfectly display the sense of three-dimensional and power in the space.
The large and open French window, like a transparent cockpit of a spaceship, breaks through the limitations of the viewer's field of vision and enhances its artistic expression tension to the maximum extent.
Past and future
In this meeting, pure color matching and futuristic line processing give people a sense of foresight.
Blue works of art, like elements in memory, are static and eternal, just like the intellectual and inclusive thinking of this city.
Between the blue and the mountains and lakes, you can enjoy the freedom of seeing the mountains, the transition of space, and the dialogue between the sky and the earth.
Sea, land and air, is a world-class, is also a natural, here to see the future, how cool!
The quiet lakeside, we are still young, still full of enthusiasm, the hearts of infinite glory.
The bar formed by broken line runs through the front and back of the longitudinal volume. With a unique perspective and the integration of the whole space, natural, space life and line together, with the hope of the future, unlimited extension.
Works of art endow space with life, just like the stars in the glorious years, set out with dreams. These are the gifts for us in the future. With a forever young heart, we can complete the mutual appeal between human and space.

Yaonian Li