SOHO Suhao

by Muhoukong space design in Wenzhou

Projet Description

This is a commercial (hotel) project with the theme of electronic competition and the integration of business travel and accommodation functions
Thinking: since the reform and opening up, the country's economic development has accelerated the advent of the Internet age, which has a strong impact on our lives, and infiltrated into the entertainment consumption mode of the current society. The emergence of the Internet age also shortens the distance between people, improves the rhythm of life, creates more possibilities, and stimulates people's more awareness of the future reflection.
Design: the core of this project is to establish the relationship between people and e-sports, E-sports and business travel through design, so as to create a new commercial consumer - E-sports hotel
Expression: the design of E-sports hotel project is based on breaking, building and promoting The design of thinking process, breaking the traditional Internet cafe consumption form, combined with the demand function of hotel and the theme of E-sports entertainment to create a new and special consumption mode, through the relationship of space story to establish the coexistence environment between people with E-sports entertainment, analyze the psychological demands of different types of consumer groups, create personalized space to enhance the experience of consumers.
Through seven kinds of emotional expression different from the current society, seven representative film theme materials combined with the corresponding color and space emotion, to express the design of the room, through the number of people in different rooms set, arrange reasonable theme combination and have reasonable use function.

Muhoukong space design in Wenzhou