Soft furnishings in the sales office of Haisheng University Mansion

by Xiamen Gezhi Impression Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

With learning as the neighbor, separated by a window, this is not only the continuation of a brilliant history of talent training, but also a history of cultural heritage, which has the continuation of the cultural heritage of scholars, and the innovation of a century of architecture. Inheritance, the internal and external walls create the cultural scene of the top city. "Wearing a suit and wearing a hat" Jiageng's architecture shows a transcendent and eternal architectural temperament. Haisheng Real Estate cooperated with Guanglan Impression Aesthetics to conduct in-depth thinking and communication on this case, taking Jiageng Architecture as the design essence, and trying to give the building the most accurate cultural expression with simple natural elements such as mountains, water, tea and utensils. The design themes with "three lives", "four seasons", and "five senses" as the inspiration dimensions fit the urban context and humanistic environment. The whole is not stingy with the stacking of large and transformed elements, but also ingenuity in the creation of meticulous details. So as to create a masterpiece of architectural art with multiple levels of emotion and multiple integration of elements.

Xiamen Gezhi Impression Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.