Sky-city experience center

by MDO

Projet Description

The intention behind the project is to establish the sales center of the future, conceived as the new heart of the community. The Sky-city experience center proposes itself as a hub where residents of all ages can gather at any time, to discuss together about the future development of the area and enjoy common activities.
The overall concept is the floating city. We imagine the architecture to be the city boundaries. Inside this large volume we place a series of different volumes (city buildings) connected by internal streets and squares.
We regard it as the epitome of life in this community where people can imagine and experience their future. The entire project integrates retail, book bar, co-working, conferences, public exhibition, offline events and government meetings.
The main space is designed to be young and dynamic, totally transparent and with an open plan without barriers. This rendered the space very vibrant. The boundaries between the manifold different activities are blurred and the interactions flourish, while the transparency of the façade let the visitors relate to the surrounding lush landscape.
The central floating cube, with circular tables, represents the heart of the community. Elevated to most important position, it symbolically expresses the idea that discussion is at the core of constructing a new community.
The inter-connection between manifold, ever-changing activities, if what for us expresses at best the epitome of the community that local people aspire to.