Simple in form, extravagant in heart

by Meilian Zhang

Projet Description

The afternoon sun, with a yellow tint, shone through the lattice and into the room. I was in a daze. Looking at it cleanly reflected on the table, feel the table there is a calm, a spiritual rich, a leisurely taste.
-- A Piece of Sunshine by Lin Huiyin

We are always exploring the relationship between man, nature and space. Wild geese fly across the sky. Swallows return to their nests, wanderers return home, all thoughts of home emerge.
Enter elevator hall, the material of porch and modelling add the interesting space of a few minutes, stylist is clever use change shoe ark to build a scene, lining is clear and clean outside the window, vast sky, feel between heaven and earth is in before,, underfoot extends ceaselessly.
The real sense of rust and the palpable rust powder create an artistic atmosphere, not only for the visual effect, but also for the interpretation of the natural effect, as if it had been touched for a long time. Get rid of all the external constraints, return to calm, return to the heart, to pursue the so-called floating world, and the quiet and beautiful life of the years.
In the porch, a ritual corridor connects the vertical moving line and divides the space function in the parallel direction. The corridor space is used to achieve the time feeling of entering the house, precipitate the hustle and bustle and slowly release the psychological ritual feeling of relaxation when returning home.
Fire and fireplace are irreplaceable intimate factors that design and create a warm and pleasant living environment.
The ultra-spacious living room and dining room are designed to be very open, with 270 degree floor-to-ceiling Windows blurring the boundary between inside and outside. Outside the window is a vibrant city that has redefined luxury for clients looking for a private and unique space experience in the heart of the city.
The color setting of the whole space compares the tone of the gray scale with the natural stone and wood, making the color of the space look more earthlike.
Superb craftsmanship and top quality materials can continue the high-level sense of the space. The scattered blue has a breath of life. The facade's marble and stone outline the meticulous quality of life.
The restaurant is equipped with Chinese and Western kitchen; Stage, breakfast stand is united in one, droplight resembles the tall ball of handcraft refined taxi, distinctive and charming, collect the light at a suit next pour and fall.
Enter recreational hall, the adornment ark of dark grain gold of walnut color collocation, quiet, implicative it is the adornment language of whole space, an inconspicuous turn close a scene, also appear with the way that picture makes. Noble imperial concubine chair and the book that scatter everywhere, it is languid is lazy enjoy, here or sweep exhaustion, or interact with scenery outside the window.
Master bedroom space vertical bar grille wood veneer combined with art glass, not very clear, the master bedroom in two, divided into work and leisure area. The space advanced make, enriched the space level.
Machine has administrative levels to feel wood to act the role of the back of the bed with coriaceous smooth added advanced feeling and intimacy, the ornament that the head of a bed puts an article is a niftier blend in.
The warm color key tone of the elder room is lukewarm embellish wood ACTS the role of metope to add the design that vertical bar grated wood makes bed setting, tie-in gray bed is tasted the qualitative material that adds fruity lamp and artwork sculpture had beautiful link, make dimensional atmosphere feels to present a mature and sedate feeling, compare with relaxed white wallboard, more suit the living of parents.
Daughter room, full of warm sense of fairy tale, use leather hard bag to be in powder-purple and white collision, did not have tacky feeling below the pattern that joins aesthetic feeling with metal, plush builds blanket to let space modern rise, did not lose the girl's nibbit and lovely, this is a girl room under good aesthetic quality, highlight optional but everywhere beautiful.
The relaxation and relaxation of space vitality is the design concept we advocate. We are happy to enjoy the cultural output and creative expression of the spirit, and freehand freehand is the personalized and elegant life. Good design in addition to aesthetic height, hope to be practical to convey some kind of value and spiritual connotation.

Meilian Zhang