Shimao tianxi Garden in Dadonghai, Fuzhou

by Li Yizhong space design

Projet Description

Luxury is not displayed on the surface, nor is it covered in gold and silver It is about art, design, personality, fashion... and the top luxury hotels are the masters of this collection. They serve as the vane of many industries and guide them. The aesthetic trend in the design world. Dadonghai Tianxi Garden Marketing Center is located in Fuzhou, the center of Minyue culture. The project strives to create a model of high-end urban life in Fuzhou through the expressiveness of design, write the scene of future community life, and reach the future in this moment. The interior design is inspired by the observation of top luxury hotels. The designer tried his best to separate the space from the conventional experience. From the appearance to the core, the atmosphere creation and service embodiment of top luxury hotels are used for reference. In the space, customer service, sense of experience, artistic shaping, and humanistic temperament are emphasized. Through the design, we strive to create a scene and atmosphere as if you are in a luxury hotel. At the same time, based on the observation of the humanities and history of Fuzhou, the designer translated the two representative traditional handicrafts of Fuzhou paper umbrellas and bodiless lacquerware into the space with modern design vocabulary as the finishing touch in the space. . The collision and integration of inheritance and innovation, classic and modern, modern design and art and humanity create the ultimate beauty of the space.

Li Yizhong space design