Shenyang Xuhui • Shuzhigu Sales Office

by Shenzhen Shangshi Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

A light, a book,
A good childhood memory, A carefree heart of a child, An ideal life away from the noise...
"The real poetic living is to follow the inner expectation." The iteration and innovation of real estate sales center is closely related to the context of the times. Under the background of advocating returning to the essence of human settlement life, the real estate industry is moving towards a more rational development direction. Shenyang Xuhui dongchenfu project sales center, a new generation of sales center jointly developed by Xuhui real estate and Shangshi design, is an independent permanent building. While undertaking the early sales function, it will carry commercial and community-based services, enrich the spiritual world with bookstores, and let people live in this land poetically. From the thinking of time axis and function logic, the design language of building interior integration and the potential emotion meeting the real needs of local residents, to the scene presentation of real estate sales and multi-functional bookstore, Xuhui real estate and Shangshi design concern the present and future, roaming the "valley of books" with residents in urban communities. In the future, it will become a cultural living room of a city and a community The entrance of the indoor vestibule is tall and narrow, like a canyon, which arouses people's curiosity and peeping sense. The two-story reading theme art installation and the irregular building wall section like a canyon, under the action of the point light source, are like wisdom. The natural reception desk made of terrazzo is "hidden" on the left, which fits the Chinese personality of "neutral and introverted", and also makes the mood of exploring the canyon not be interrupted. Bookshelves towering several meters long corridor, guide people gradually into the hall. In terms of current functional scenarios, brand and real estate display is still the focus, and the integration with Bookstore function further shortens the psychological distance
Gaoting's green plants grow freely in one corner. The cultural and creative products area attracts people to stay and enjoy with new creative things. The music represented by art installation and Piano moistens the spiritual world. It can be imagined that lectures, poetry meetings and painting exhibitions will bring people together and present the diversified experience of life style.

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